Custom eLearning Solutions

Delivering engaging learning experiences

e-Learning is the best way to improve retention and make learning fun. At Wizard, we develop innovative eLearning solutions to meet the unique needs of your learners. We provide full-scale services, from building personalized LMS to creating effective courseware.

Additionally, we hire the top SMEs to ensure you never have to compromise. We can help you develop cutting-edge content and even localize your curriculum.

Moreover, our team uses interactive features to drive up engagement rates. We can also deliver mobile learning to help your learners never miss out on training.

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eLearning is one of our strongest domains as an organization. We have reinvented ourselves time and again with the ever-changing online learning paradigm. Our core value is focused on performance-driven learning that helps drive businesses around the current digital transformation age.

Boring, content-driven eLearning is a thing of the past – welcome to the age of mobile-based micro-learning, packaged with gamification, scenarios, and simulations. We onboard SMEs from any industry and domain with a core design focus on learning effectiveness and knowledge retention.

Our course content is designed to enable learners to implement their learning in a real-world scenario, and not just to gain certificates and accolades.

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Custom Courseware Development

Custom eLearning has been our strength since our inception and it’s what we are known for best. Because we believe e-learning shouldn’t be boring or a waste of a learner’s time, we focus first and foremost on your needed outcomes.

With our savvy start, agile development process, SAM, CCAF instructional design model, and smart studios, we partner with you to create custom eLearning solutions that are meaningful, memorable, and motivational for your learners.

The bottom line is we want you to see real results. This requires an investment in your learners. We want them to be challenged, to take risks, and to experience consequences all within a safe, online learning environment.

Mobile Learning

Yes, mobile learning is learning on smartphones and other handheld devices. But in a deeper sense, mobile learning is enabling a learner to continue the course while being mobile – on the move.

Today in the adult learning environment, jet setters, office cab commuters, students traveling in buses, salesforce waiting for meetings, have the luxury to utilize their travel and wait time effectively for knowledge acquisition and augmentation.

Armed with the technology to enable this, we create modern learning solutions that help people do the right thing at the right time, all the time.

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Open Source LMS Configuration

Wizard believes that working with a limited set of LMS products has given us the edge to master the applications. Along with it, we have extensive experience in developing SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC-compliant courseware.

Ideally, we prefer working with open source LMS (Moodle and the likes) to give our customers the price edge along with the flexibility to customize it as per learning needs and content flow. All courseware is tested in a live environment prior to delivery.

Translation & Localization

Developing training content for a global audience has predominantly been a nightmare for institutes and organizations. The biggest challenge for clients has been dealing with multiple partners for content development and localization. Given our extensive experience in localizing content for one of India’s largest eLearning projects for multiple languages, our team is well capable to take on the challenge, while providing unmatched pricing and trouble-free time to our clients on dealing with multiple vendor partners.

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L&D Consultancy

Which parts of your content should you retained? Which parts should you skip? How to design curriculum for long term results? Is our existing content effective enough? Is it really helping the learners to implement and grow?

Questions! Questions! Questions! Yes, we can help resolve your queries with our extended consulting experience. We help organizations transform their current courseware and align it to their business needs and requirements. Come develop the best learning experience and achieve optimum learning outcomes with our guidance.

Recent Case Studies


Dastur Energy

Dastur Energy is a leading name in the realm of sustainable and clean energy. The company works with top names in the industry across the world to promote the cause of viable power. Offerings of Dastur Energy include a range of products, from industrial carbon capture systems to clean materials and chemicals.

The Challenge

Dastur required a user-friendly platform to promote their cause. The company wanted to capture the whole essence of clean energy through its website but without any complexities.

Dastur also wanted an efficient web app to engage customers and help prospective clients get a complete picture of their products.

The Solution

Wizard designed a simple yet elegant website for Dastur Energy, focusing on what’s important. We followed a minimalistic approach and used plenty of white spaces to make the information stand out.

Our team also developed the entire web application based on open-source technology like WordPress. We also implemented industry-leading best practices so that users can get a rich browsing experience.

Wizard was in charge of the whole development process, from design to final deployment. We also helped fix bugs and prepared the website to offer exceptional user experiences.

The benefits of our service included:

  • High rates of user engagement
  • Improved lead quality and traffic
  • A user-friendly website that engages users
  • Improvement in conversions

Tool & Technologies

Captivate 2017, Storyline 360, Elucidate, Lectora, Animate CC