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Security is a top concern for any business. However, just implementing WAFs and ensuring encryption won’t keep cybercriminals at bay.

Therefore, you need to get proactive and secure your infrastructure today.

Wizard can help entrepreneurs go the extra mile with professional security audits and risk assessment services. We can also help businesses identify loopholes in their IT architecture and suggest how to build resiliency.

In addition, Wizard can employ ethical hackers to run penetration tests to discover exploitable vulnerabilities. Plus, we can help you achieve compliance with your local security standards.

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Offerings in Cyber Security

  • Performing Security Audit by Certified Information System Auditor
  • Vulnerability Assessment of Servers, Database, Routers, Firewalls and other security device and IT infrastructure.
  • Penetration Testing/ Ethical Hacking to identify security flaws in IT environment by Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Fact based Risk Analysis and tactical recommendation for fixing the vulnerabilities
  • Threat Hunting and analysis of Threat model to identify security flaws in IT environment

Recent Case Studies


Sunbridge - Capital Partners

Sunbridge is a leading investment firm catering to individuals and institutions. Data security has always been a top concern for the company due to its sensitive nature. The management wanted a complete overhaul of the security systems to attain foolproof protection and resilience against cyber-attacks.

The Challenge

Cyber security can turn out to be a nightmare for even the smallest business. From data breaches to cross-site scripting attacks, an organization can fall prey to several threats online. Sunbridge faced many challenges when it came to cybersecurity:

  • Existing vulnerabilities in the infrastructure
  • Lack of proactive monitoring
  • Lack of cloud optimizations

The Solution

Wizard took up the responsibility of revamping the security of Sunbridge and started from the basics. Our team performed multiple tasks that included:

  • Security audit of infrastructure and existing security solutions (incorporating industry best practices/ISO regulations)
  • Security patch management with automated rollback for OS and WordPress
  • Setting up and deployment of security tools from cloud provider (performance monitoring and instant notifications)
  • WAF configuration and optimization
  • Secured access to with SSL/ SSH Keys/ HSTS
  • Backup of critical data in compliance with international standards
  • Standard Operating Procedure deployment for complete product lifecycle (UAT and test/dev environment)
  • Change management and approval workflow management for all stakeholders
  • WordPress / Apache / CMS optimizations
  • Multi-tenant load distribution for unmatched availability and performance (Load Balancers, multiple servers/ floating IP)

The efforts of Wizard made Sunbridge resilient and at par with international standards. The company became proactive in combating cybercrime and was able to close many loopholes in the system.

Business growth also came as a natural part of the process. Sunbridge was also able to win customer trust and offer services confidently.


Uvanij is a full-scale eCommerce solution to sell and manage your online store. Wizard had a strong focus on creating a resilient product that entrepreneurs could use with complete peace of mind. The task was not very easy as eCommerce has many external dependencies. From payment gateways to shipping, you need several integrations to run your business. As a result, Wizard took extra effort to create Uvanij with flawless security.

The Challenge

Online sellers and dropshippers can choose from many eCommerce solutions to sell products. However, not all solutions can provide entrepreneurs with a peaceful night’s sleep. They suffer from countless security challenges that include:


  • Unauthorized access to customer and payment information
  • Cybercrime and hackings
  • Malware and ransomware
  • SQL injections
  • Financial frauds

The Solution

Wizard was not ready to take any chances with Uvanij. Therefore, we put the best security experts at work to create Uvanij with foolproof security. Some of our solutions include:

  • Setting up of web application firewall (WAF)
  • Optimization of perimeter security
  • SSL/ SSH Keys/ HSTS to secure access to existing infrastructure
  • Industry-leading backup solution for critical and sensitive business, financial, and customer data
  • Deployment of Standard Operating Procedure and Operational Control for entire product lifecycle
  • Change management and management of approval workflow
  • OS, CMS, and server optimizations
  • Ensured high availability with a distributed architecture (Load Balancers, multi-tenant hosting/ floating IP)

Uvanij is one of the safest and most secure eCommerce solutions to run your business. It offers you complete peace of mind and the confidence to sell without worries. We take care of the security while entrepreneurs stay free to grow their bottom line.



Girlco is a popular beauty and personal care store in Bangladesh for modern women. The brand aims to bring out the inner beauty in any woman and enhance her self-confidence. Wizard was given the responsibility of creating a web app to facilitate online sales, with security being a top priority.

Ensuring Foolproof Security for Girlco

Our team had the opportunity to build the security system from scratch and create a robust infrastructure. We also put together industry best practices and ensure enterprise-grade protection for Girlco’s investment.

Some of our steps involved:

  • Configuration of web application firewall (WAF)
  • Optimization of perimeter security
  • Preventing unauthorized access to infrastructure via SSL/ SSH Keys/ HSTS
  • Backup solutions for critical data in compliance with RPO and RTO standards
  • Standard Operating Procedure deployment for entire product lifecycle (UAT and test/dev environment)
  • Approval workflow management and change management
  • WordPress / Apache / CMS optimizations
  • A distributed architecture for uncompromised availability (Load Balancers, multiple servers/ floating IP)

Girlco moved up several steps in preventing cybercrime with Wizard’s efforts. It was also able to strengthen the infrastructure and enjoy industry-best security practices. Supported by our security experts, the brand is now climbing the ranks of success.