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Cutting-Edge Software Development

Unleashing innovation for business growth

Wizard Communications is an end-to-end development agency for unique business needs. We deliver custom solutions for complex problems, irrespective of the industry. Whether it’s mobile, web, or desktop- we build quality software to fuel efficiency.

Our team has countless happy clients on different continents across the world. We develop for multiple platforms and focus on the Microsoft stack for unmatched reliability. From ideation to deployment, our agile developers can lead your project to success.

Wizard works with businesses of all sizes and considers each client a priority. We are here to help you create a mark and win the competition in the ever-evolving software industry.

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Custom Software Development

Tailored development services for Enterprises

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Custom Development

At Wizard we build solutions to address your business problems. We understand a successful commercial product must meet diverse user needs and is different from typical software projects. Come tap into our domain and technology expertise to develop a custom product that will wow your audience.

We develop high-quality applications to streamline business processes and automate existing workflows. We have built applications as complicated as full-scale CRMs and as simple as a QuickBooks automation solution. We choose the best tools to make sure you receive an outstanding solution in the shortest time.

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Startup Software Development

Startups have a different set of needs compared to established businesses. We help entrepreneurs build high-quality software with a quick turnaround time for fast marketing buy Spotify Plays. Our expert software engineers take advantage of the latest development trends to help you stand out in the market.We can also help you optimize your development budget and integrate security at every step of the process.

Therefore, you can always expect to create a stellar product that woos your customers or users. We can help you create a strong presence and gain a competitive edge.

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Enterprise Application Integration

You can’t expect to gain control of your business if your tools work in silos. Our professional integration services empower organizations to help their solutions talk to each other.

We can enhance interoperability and facilitate the seamless flow of information to enable real-time visibility. You can also look forward to streamlining existing processes and automating repetitive tasks to save time and effort.

Best of all, you can generate vital insights that power informed decisions. That’s a sure way to surge ahead of your rivals and become a leader in your industry.

Web & Mobile App Development

Responsive websites and world-class mobile apps for maximum ROI

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Custom Web Application Development

Web apps can be a cost-effective solution to target a large user base. We build customized apps that perform like a champ across devices and platforms.

Whether it’s developing from scratch or migrating your legacy back-end, you can count on us to deliver an excellent experience.

From full-scale eCommerce solutions to SAS, we deliver guaranteed results and reliability. Of course, security is also on top of our minds.

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Cloud Development

Cloud is the secret to build scaling products to meet ever-increasing demand. You can tap into ample resources to account for the surge in traffic or users to grow your business.

We help you develop cloud-native applications that scale seamlessly without boundaries. Additionally, we optimize our solutions for the best performance to delight your users.

Most importantly, we build secure apps that help you stay protect your investments. You can also make the most of cloud computing to enjoy the best results.

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Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps have become as necessary as websites to create your presence. Wizard has leading analysts, UX experts, and certified software engineers to develop top-notch apps. We develop native solutions for iOS and Android or cross-platforms apps for higher flexibility.

Additionally, we use the latest technologies and best practices to help you win hearts. Let us help you get ahead in the race with our custom mobile app development.

Recent Case Studies


Service Works

Service Works is an outstanding solution for entrepreneurs to grow and manage their businesses. It allows you to run your entire operations from a single interface and manage day-to-day operations. Our cloud-based SAS tool comes with advanced features and implements world-class standards for more productivity.

Here is a look at what business owners can take advantage of:

  • Seamless order management and automated PO requests
  • Complete customer management with customer history, sales, payments, and more
  • Inventory management to keep track of your stock and movement of goods
  • Sell products with hardware-less POS system
  • Schedule tasks automatically using a range of methods
  • Instant notifications for optimum communication with employees and customers
  • Customized reports for eliminating guesswork
  • Advanced analytics for meaningful business insights
  • Mobile app to empower employees on the field

Wizard is proud to present Service Works to businesses of all sizes. We can help you manage your business like a pro and improve your bottom line. Our team can also integrate Service Works with a range of solutions for a connected ecosystem.


Benefits of Service Works:

  • Manage your entire operations from a single interface
  • Automate repetitive processes to save time, labor, and costs
  • Improve operational efficiency and streamline operations
  • Enhance collaboration and gain control of your processes


eCommerce is becoming the top channel to drive increased sales. However, entrepreneurs come across several challenges and complexities while selling online, whether B2B or B2C:

  • Fragmented tools with a range of dependencies
  • Lack of customization
  • Concern about security
  • Incompatible payment gateways
  • Inefficient shipping and customer service
  • Lack of insights and control over processes

The Solution: Uvanij is the brainchild of Wizard Communications and a boon to online sellers. Our platform enables entrepreneurs to sell to businesses and customers from a single interface. It comes with a range of valuable features that lets you manage your sales and improve productivity. Best of all, you can take advantage of our end-to-end solution to boost sales and provide excellent customer service.


Below is a list of perks that come with Uvanij:

  • Go live in less than 7 days with quick implementation
  • Highly customizable to unique business needs
  • Ideal for B2B, B2C, and wholesale traders
  • Manage sales, orders, and customers
  • Entertain a range of payment methods
  • Enterprise-grade security for complete peace of mind
  • Manage inventory, returns, invoicing, and more
  • Advanced pricing, minimum orders, and a host of valuable features

Uvanij empowers entrepreneurs with a quick and ready platform to start selling online. Any business owner can unlock the full potential of eCommerce with our solutions and start selling today.

Additionally, entrepreneurs can take on top names like Amazon by providing unmatched buying experiences.


ITC Limited

ITC is a reputed brand in the world of FMCG products. From soaps and shampoos to deodorants and moisturizers, the company has countless products in the market.

The Challenge Every FMCG from ITC like soaps comes with a different fragrance. A lot goes on to introduce a new fragrance and involves multiple steps, checks, and audits before approval. ITC used offline methods to manage the fragrance development and approval process. Naturally, it resulted in a range of challenges that included:

  • Lack of collaboration and communication
  • Inefficient approval processes and lack of information
  • Inadequate documentation and accountability
  • Unaccounted delays in the fragrance development process
  • Incomplete visibility into stages of development
  • Delays in project completion


The Solution: ITC required an online solution to track and manage the entire fragrance development process. Wizard stepped into the picture with expert software developers and decades of industry experience. We created a web-based solution with fitting functionalities to improve the whole development and approval process. Here are some of the advantages ITC derived from our application:

  • A single repository to store all fragrance development projects
  • Status updates for each stage of development and real-time timelines
  • Status reports based on customized triggers like milestones
  • Uncompromised visibility into each project in the pipeline
  • Historical reports to track changes in price due to new regulations, alternative materials, and more
  • Category-wise performance insights

Wizard enabled ITC to gain complete control of its fragrant development process. Our team supplied the right solution to track each stage of development and stay updated on any changes. We also allowed ITC increase visibility and improve accountability for every fragrance and vendor. Best of all, ITC was able to achieve industry-leading turnaround times and develop new fragrances quickly. As a result, Wizard helped ITC gain a competitive edge in the market.

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