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10 Free Email Marketing Tools to Save Your Time and Money

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Email is still king when it comes to marketing. It’s one of those traditional and tested-and-tried methods to generate leads and boost your revenues. Best of all, it works well for both B2B and B2C markets.
Today, 77% of businesses selling to customers rely on email marketing. When it comes to corporate clients, 87% of marketers use email marketing.
You can, too, reap great returns by capitalizing on your email list. However, you don’t have to email your potential leads manually one by one. Now, you can use several free tools for email marketing to share your content and bring more leads.
Today, we will explore the top 10 free email marketing tools you can use for your marketing. Many of these tools offer a limited free plan that suits small and medium businesses. Others are completely free and help you grow your exposure.

  1. Mailchimp
    Mailchimp is one of the pioneers of email marketing automation. It came into the picture in 2001 and is still one of the preferred options to market your content.
    Mailchimp offers a free plan that supports 2,000 contacts and lets you send 10,000 emails per month. The plan is suitable for marketers looking to build a presence and brand awareness.
    The free plan gives you more than you may need for your marketing campaigns. You get a free CRM, branding tools, landing page builder, 250+ integrations, and more.
    The basic stuff is, of course, present in your zero-cost plan. You can use email templates, automate emails with one step, and use sign-up forms in your emails. Another great feature is the ability to create and conduct surveys.
  2. MailerLite
    MailerLite is another good option to automate email marketing. You can add up to 1,000 subscribers without paying and send 12,000 emails per month. What else do you get for free?
    MailerLite gives you free resources to create great emails. You can take advantage of drag-and-drop editors, photo editing tools, and mobile-friendly newsletters.
    Additionally, you can create landing pages and use pop-up subscribe forms. Email automation is also possible with advanced segmenting options. You can also conduct A/B testing and refine your content and marketing strategy.
    MailerLite provides 24/7 email support to free users. You can also access its knowledgebase and learn from video tutorials. You can also build a website for free!
    MailerLite even helps you track the results of your campaigns. You can create reports and even run surveys to form customer insights.
  3. Benchmark
    Benchmark Email is a great way to create and market responsiveness emails. Your content will be friendly to desktops and mobile devices alike. Drag-and-drop editors, responsive email templates, and more help you create appealing campaigns.
    Benchmark is available for free and allows you to send only 250 monthly emails. The limit is okay for small businesses and entrepreneurs running their own marketing. You also get basic support as a part of your free plan.
    You can only run drip-email campaigns without paying on Benchmark. Other free resources include polls, sign-up forms, and surveys. You can also get limited storage for images and unlimited storage for videos.
    Benchmark lets you enjoy basic reporting features in your free plan. However, you can get real-time engagement reports without spending money. Plus, you can generate click heatmap reports.
  4. Sender
    Sender surely deserves a try if you are looking for free email marketing tools. You can do more with Sender than almost any other tool in our list. What can you expect at zero charges?
    For starters, you can add up to 2,500 subscribers. Moreover, you can send a maximum of 15,000 emails every month. If that’s not enough, you get all features for free for life!
    Here is a glimpse of what you can do with Sender:
    • Readymade email templates to make your job easy
    • High email deliverable rates to skip spam folder
    • Automate your market campaigns smartly
    • Personalize your messages
    • Analytic tools to find out how your marketing is doing
    You can also look to grow your subscribers with Sender. One way is to send engaging newsletters to encourage conversions.
  5. Omnisend
    Omnisend is a good way to automate your emails. You are given the freedom to send 15,000 emails per month without paying.
    Segmenting your email list is easy with Omnisend. You can also enjoy up to 5 customer segmentation to target your audience. You can create contact profiles and track them across their lifecycle. The tool also provides retention analytics to drive your campaigns.
    Omnisend is ideal for automating email marketing based on user behaviors. You can take advantage of exit-intent forms to stop your leads from leaving.
    Additionally, you can incorporate pop-ups and sign-up boxes in your emails. Omnisend also lets you build landing pages without any cost.
    Moreover, you may embed discount coupons and products directly in your emails. The process can help you boost not only conversions but also sales.
  6. Moosend
    Moosend is a free email marketing tool to send unlimited emails without restrictions. If you want a tool that scales, Moosend can fit your bill. Additionally, you can get access to all core features without any cost.
    Big names in the industry use Moosend to automate email marketing. WWF, Vogue, Dominos- a range of businesses boost leads using this cool tool.
    Moosend lets you create super engaging emails and newsletters. You can take advantage of email templates that are responsive for any device. Smart automation lets you refine your targeting and reach your customers at the right time.
    Additionally, you can use segmentation to narrow down your targeting. The tool also lets you track your campaign results and a range of analytics for driving customer insights.
  7. Sendinblue
    Sendinblue is a suite of sales and marketing automation tools. You can get a free email marketing tool that lets you send 300 emails every day. Best of all, you can store unlimited contacts without paying even a cent!
    What more can you get for free?
    The first thing you can do is run your email campaigns like a pro. You have a mobile-friendly designer and an extensive email template library. It is even possible to conduct SMS marketing with your free account. Plus, you can even chat with your audience.
    Another area where Sendinblue shines is the advanced segmentation of your customers. You can send targeted emails to improve your conversion rates. Plus, you can use customizable sign-up forms for better results.
  8. Mailjet
    Mailjet comes with a free plan that never expires. Additionally, you will never need to provide your credit card details.
    Mailjet has a limit of 200 emails per day or 6,000 emails a month. However, you can keep adding as many contacts as you want to your account.
    The tool features an advanced editor to craft great emails. You can personalize your content and aim for more leads. A host of readymade templates provide inspiration for creating excellent content.
    Mailjet is home to advanced statistics to dig deep into your marketing performance. You will easily be able to track your returns coming from each campaign.
    The intuitive marketing platform is compliant with GDPR and ISO rules. Your data and customer information is safe in your account, away from prying eyes.
  9. EmailOctopus
    EmailOctopus offers a starter pack that can suit the needs of growing businesses. You are allowed to add up to 2,500 contacts and send a maximum of 10,000 emails each month. With that, you get basic support to resolve your queries and issues.
    EmailOctopus has limited features can be a beginner’s tool. You can get the hang of how these tools work and gain experience in running successful campaigns.
    EmailOctopus can be a free email marketing tool to meet stringent security demands. It’s an Amazon SES product and a reliable choice for businesses.
    Non-profit businesses can enjoy a 20% discount on paid plans to support their cause. You can scale as you grow and automatically take advantage of the best plans.
  10. SendPulse
    SendPulse is a popular email marketing tool with a free plan. You can run your campaigns for only 500 contacts and send a maximum of 15,000 monthly emails.
    SendPulse lets you send emails from 3 addresses, and you can register one of your domains. You can automate one event or three email flows simultaneously. However, you can’t segment your customers like other tools.
    SendPulse offers a few other tools to facilitate your marketing campaigns. You can conduct SMS campaigns and use social media chatbots to connect with customers.
    SendPulse is also available as a free Google Chrome extension.
    Final Thoughts
    You won’t find any shortage of tools to automate your email marketing. We reviewed some of the best tools in the market to suit your needs. You can pick any tool you like and start automating your campaigns. It is possible to send batch emails and target your audience based on segmentation. Automating your email campaigns will let you save time and effort. You will also be able to track performance and drive customer insights. Based on that, you can refine your marketing for better results.