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Why Professional Website Design Services are a Must for Startups

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Research shows 90% of startups fail and have to shut their doors forever. You have several reasons for startups ending down the drain, including a lack of expertise. So, your business idea can fail even if you have a great product, just because you don’t know how things work.
Startups have to look professional and appear the best. First impressions always count, and clients are no exceptions. You need to make your business look top-notch to grab attention and create a mark.
Your website is a great place to start building your brand and reputation. However, don’t expect to make headlines by making a website with a drag-and-drop webpage builder.
You need to appear professional and charm your leads into becoming your paying customers. In this time, you can excel only by going for professional web design services. A professional web designer or company can design a website that sets you apart from the competition. Plus, you will also be able to tell your story in your own way.
Let’s explore why startups can’t do without professional web design with insights from our experts.
Design from Scratch
DIY websites come with pre-built themes to design your website. You can change the outlay, fonts, images, and several other design elements to suit your taste and branding.
However, you always have to stay within limitations. You cannot go outside and bring in a new design element even if you want. Your creativity will be restricted by what your hosting provider offers.
Professional web design services let you design your website from scratch. You get a blank canvas to create your website the way you want. There are no restrictions, and you can let your creativity flow freely in any way you desire.
Build Unique Websites
You can’t go outside of themes provided by your hosting when you design your website without an expert. As a result, your design never becomes unique and melts away with the countless other websites.
Let’s say you want to design a website that mimics reading a book. When visitors click certain links, pages turn to open the new section. It is surely a unique idea and can become an instant hit.
Unfortunately, your DIY website builder will not have the option to create such an experience. You can achieve the results only by hiring a professional web developer. They will have the due exposure and skills to bring your vision to reality and make you stand out.
Integrate Custom Workflows
Build-it-yourself websites are customized based on industries. Your theme will have a set of features and functions deemed suitable for your niche or industry. So, you can go ahead and build an eCommerce website to sell stuff without much challenge. You may even be able to extend the functionality of your website by installing a range of plugins available in the market.
Here too, you have to limit yourself with what’s available. You cannot make your website do something that is not covered by your provider or plugins. As a result, you won’t be able to incorporate custom workflows on your website.
Let’s say you are Tesla. You want to provide an option on your website where Tesla car owners can remotely monitor the status of their vehicle, like battery percentage or firmware version.
Sadly, a drag-and-drop website builder is not the way to integrate custom workflows into your website. You will need to rely on professional web development services. You will also need professional web design services to design the front-end or interface for the workflow.
For this reason, DIY websites may not be enough to meet your business needs.
Provide Excellent User Experiences
According to Google, 61% of mobile users will never click on the same website with a poor design. Moreover, 40% of them will choose your competitor over you. Surely, startups can’t afford to have their customers lining up for competitors.
Every business needs to provide a good user experience to survive the competition. It is true for everything that has a user interface, like a website or an app. You can lose out on your customers and revenues just because your website makes visitors annoyed.
Entrepreneurs need a web designer with solid UI and UX skills. A UI/UX designer knows how users think and want a website to work and feel. They can help you build a website with great usability that woos your visitors and potential clients.
You can take advantage of the latest web design trends and best practices for the best results with professional web designing.
Rank Better on Google
All businesses today rely on search engines to bring leads and potential customers. The easiest way to bring more people to your website is by appearing on search engine results. We have a whole industry called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that helps businesses appear on search results. If you can make it to the first page, you will never have a shortage of leads in your life.
SEO uses a range of techniques to make websites rank on Google or Bing. Many of them are related to website design. For example, your website needs to mobile-friendly if you want to attract clients today. Another way is to incorporate intuitive navigation into your website design for improving usability.
Only a professional web designer can design your website with SEO techniques to make you rank. You cannot expect to get enough traffic with a readymade website. They are not optimized for search engines and will never bring the same outcome as professional services.
Create a Fantastic First Impression
94% of visitors build their first impression about your business on how your website looks. If your website doesn’t appear visually appealing, you cannot expect to generate business. Additionally, poor first impressions will end up making a dent in your reputation.
Being a startup, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of a well-designed website. People will form their first impressions based on it and decide whether to do business. Putting them off with a poorly designed website is not the right first step.
Templates can help you design visually pleasing websites. However, you will not be able to make your website visually appealing to your visitors. Several other businesses are using the same template, and your website is no different from theirs.
Professional web design services go a long way to create great first impressions that also last. You can offer a unique and innovative experience to your visitors using the skill of a talented designer. The returns on your investment will be not only increased traffic but also a better bottom line.
Credibility and Reputation
Startups work hard to build credibility and win customers’ trust. They have to pay attention to the smallest things if they want to create a name for themselves. Even a minute mistake can become costly and make people lose faith in your business.
Just like people form their first impression from your website, they also judge you based on the same. Or in other words, your website influences how people see your brand and its credibility.
You cannot look forward to building credibility with a poorly designed or visually lacking website. Startups need to create the most beautiful websites that instill trust at first glance. A look at your website should encourage visitors to stay and give them a sense of confidence.
You can aim for such results with the help of expert web design services. Only a person or company with the right skill and experience can help you design a trustworthy website that appears legit.
Follow the Leaders
What are some of the top businesses disrupting the world?
You may say Amazon, Tesla, or Walmart when someone asks about the leading businesses worldwide. We are sure you know all of them and even have visited their website. If not anyone else, most of us have shopped on Amazon.
Now, did Amazon use a DIY website builder?
We will not even wait for the answer as we all know what it is. No business with self-respect will ever use a DIY website builder to design their official website. You already know why, after reading all the reasons we discussed above.
So, if the leaders aren’t doing it, why should you? Designing your website when you don’t know the basics of web designing is as foolish as it gets. You will only end up making your startup look like an amateur and resemble a new kid on the block.
Surely, that’s not how you should present yourself to your potential customers!
Go for Professional Web Design Services
You can win your customers’ heart with a superb website that makes fall in love in the first look. Wizard Communication has top web designers, UI/UX designers, and experts to design you an appealing website. We can help you realize your vision and bring your dream website into reality. Our team can create a unique website with as many customizations as you need to fulfill your needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your needs.