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Why Video Marketing is a Must for Your Brand: 5 Top Reasons for 2021

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Why should you invest in video marketing in 2021?
Videos have remained one of the top ways to market your brand. We are now used regular videos from our favorite businesses served via a plethora of channels. If you are still asking why video marketing is relevant, you have missed out on a lot of points.
Today, we are going to explore how videos help your brand create a presence and make it grow. Plus, you will learn about all the benefits of using videos to promote your business.
We will start the most important consideration for anyone selling products or services.

  1. Attract New Customers
    Videos are ideal for attracting leads and turning them into paying customers. Video ads now feature as the top method people become aware of brands and make a purchase. Additionally, 93% of businesses acquired at least one customer by sharing videos on social media.
    Moreover, 84% of consumers buy something after they come across a brand video.
    The power of videos is immense. A single video can go viral and help you attract countless customers. You can influence purchasing decisions and drive trends in the market. In fact, you can become a thought leader and establish yourself as a strong contender in your industry.
    Businesses have been relying on videos since the days of early television. It’s one of the most effective ways to melt the ice and connect with your customer. You can create a single video and turn more heads than you can do on any other media.
    Best of all, making videos is no longer an expensive proposal. Technology has become much more affordable and within reach of every entrepreneur. Now, you don’t even need to invest in expensive gear like a good camera or accessories. A regular iPhone is powerful enough to help you make YouTube videos and post on social media.
    Additionally, you have a wide range of tools like editing software to produce great videos. A little practice or professional help is enough to get you going and set the pace. You can create videos every month or week and keep getting new customers without interruption.
  2. Better Brand Appeal to Drive More Sales
    Visuals are a strong way of communication. We are much better at retaining information when we see something instead of reading. The fault does not lie with written text, but we find it much more pleasing to concentrate on audio-visual instead of boring text.
    Most importantly, we don’t need to exert ourselves to watch videos like we have to while reading. Maybe that’s why movies are one of the best ways to chill and relax. However, we are still influenced by what we see as our minds are ever active.
    Video marketing empowers you to make a better appeal to your customers. You can walk through their doors, create a connection, and put your message across. The process removes all the barriers and apprehensions that a viewer otherwise will have for advertisements.
    Of course, you have to make your videos interesting and stand out, like your product.
    Research on the effect of video is also very promising. Viewers say they do retain 95% of the message delivered through videos. Therefore, videos are great to appeal directly to your customers and put your message in their minds.
    Imagine how many more sales you can get by influencing even 20% of the total people who watch your videos.
    On YouTube, many videos have more than a million views. Even if you don’t go that far, let’s say you get 10,000 views a month. So, 20% would mean you can influence 2,000 people among them.
    Now, even if half of them make a purchase, you will at least have 1,000 more sales per month than you do!
  3. Supplement Your Marketing Efforts
    The biggest advantage of videos is you can use them endlessly. You will always have a new channel to publish or share your videos to make the most of your investment. Businesses make one single ad and keep using it for years.
    However, it’s always better to share videos regularly to keep building your audience base and holding on to your presence.
    Coming back to the topic, videos are a great way to supplement your marketing efforts. You can add a video of few seconds to your blog posts to boost your conversions. Another way is to create videos and share them on platforms like YouTube.
    The method really pays off, as YouTube is now the top platform that influences purchase decisions. In addition, 70% of consumers get to know a new brand by watching YouTube videos. Therefore, the video streaming platform is ideal for growing your brand awareness and increasing your conversions.
    Marketers can also share videos on social media to gain more customers. Facebook should be the first priority for its huge number of users. Additionally, 70% of marketers will focus on Facebook video marketing in 2021 to grow their business. So, you should not miss out on Facebook, which is the top choice for marketing worldwide.
    Instagram is also emerging as a powerful platform for video marketing. 1 out of 4 people will make a purchase after they watch an Instagram Story. So, you shouldn’t leave out Instagram from your list.
  4. Target New Markets
    Videos have universal appeal. We can make a video without audio and still be able to convey our message. You can think of Charlie Chaplin and other silent movies and how we enjoyed them even without dialogues or sound.
    As a result, a video can be used to appeal to people all across the world. Unfortunately, very few forms of media are as effective as video in creating a mass appeal. So, a video can be the right choice to penetrate a new market or introduce your product to new demographics.
    Videos can help you tell your story like nothing else. 69% of consumers say they prefer a short video to learn about a new service or product. In addition, 85% of consumers want more videos from their favorite brands.
    You can never go wrong with video marketing. It can open up new horizons and take your business to the next level. Best of all, you don’t need to invest a fortune to promote your brand through videos. Most platforms like YouTube or social media don’t even charge anything for uploading for sharing videos.
    You can easily create your business profile and get started on adding more customers. Plus, you can share your videos on local platforms to attract local customers. Videos are also great to appeal to the international audience and expand your business overseas.
  5. Improve Your SEO Performance
    Videos can give you the additional push you need to grow your exposure. If used the right way, videos can improve your SEO efforts and even help you rank.
    Research shows videos help you engage your website visitors. A person will spend more time on your website if they keep on watching videos instead of reading text. Even adding one or two videos to your blog posts can make your visitors spend more time on your website.
    The process boosts your SEO scores as people spending more time means your website provides value. As a result, your business shifts into Google’s favored list. No wonder 78% of marketers agree that videos encourage visitors to dwell more on their websites.
    You can also research topics your audience searches for and create video content to quench their thirst for information. Focus on the most popular and trending topics to increase your video views and get direct results. Your business can show up on search results by using this technique.
    Additionally, you can transcribe your videos to make it easy for search engine crawlers to find your content.
    Moreover, videos can also help you in link building. You can embed your videos on different platforms and websites that accept guest posts. The process will let you build domain authority and improve your ranking.
    You should also optimize videos you put on YouTube. It is the second-largest search engine after Google and can open the doors to new possibilities.
    Final Thoughts
    Humans are attracted to visuals much more than written text. We sit glued to our screens watching videos and don’t even realize hours have passed. Videos are a marketer’s best weapon to build brand awareness and attract more customers. Videos also help businesses engage leads and nurture them to conversion.
    In addition, videos can let you make a better appeal and connect personally with your audience. You can get inside their heads and influence their purchasing decisions in your favor. Videos will also help you build loyalty and provide an excellent customer experience. Customers prefer to watch videos to learn about a product, so you can just capitalize on the opportunity.
    However, try to make quality videos with good content. You can even use a good smartphone to shoot and use DIY lighting.
    In the end, market your videos on the right channels for the best results.