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Why a Mobile App is Necessary for Your eCommerce Business

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n online store is considered the ultimate way to sell for eCommerce businesses. You can target a large customer base and market directly to your consumers. People are also used to shopping online and prefer the internet rather than visiting a shop.
No doubt, an online store is a foundation for increasing leads and sales. However, you can’t expect to shine with only a website. Consumers have now changed their preferences and moved to mobile shopping. They are purchasing more using smartphones compared to a computer and website.
As a result, eCommerce businesses are shifting to mobile apps to continue their journey. A mobile app for eCommerce stores increases leads, boosts sales, and lets you offer amazing buying experiences.
Let’s explore more on why you need a mobile app for your eCommerce business.
Get More Customers
Mobile shoppers have been contributing highly to global eCommerce sales. In 2018, mobile sales made up 58.9% of the retail eCommerce revenues. In 2021, mobile shopping will increase to account for over 70% of global eCommerce sales.
You will find many sources on the internet that back up the above trend. People are shopping more from their mobiles for its ease and convenience.
As a result, not having a mobile app means losing out on your potential customers. You can prevent giving up to the competition by developing a mobile app and attracting more leads.
Boost Your Conversions
Statistics show mobile apps convert much better than desktop or mobile websites. During the beginning of 2019, mobile apps had 157% more conversion than mobile websites. For leading brands, the conversion rate can shoot up to 307%!
Your mobile app can be a great way to market without costs. Features of mobile apps like push notifications help you deliver recommendations or promotions directly to the customer. You don’t need to pay any advertiser or website to show your ads. Instead, you can just use your mobile app to market like a pro.
Provide Personalized Service
We are now used to personal recommendations, whether it’s YouTube or Amazon. Having brands make out your taste and provide personalized service is a way to win customers’ hearts.
Research provides the facts to prove the importance of personalized service. 71% of shoppers get upset if brands are not able to personalize. The trend is visible in almost all customer segments, whether it’s millennials or the boomers.
Mobile apps let you personalize your service easily. You can collect data on demographics, customer behaviors, location, and more to tailor your offerings.
Small businesses can use mobile apps to personalize and give competition to big brands. Additionally, a personalized service results in more sales and revenues.
Increase Order Value
We saw how mobile apps help you personalize, market, and convert more leads. However, that’s not the only way an eCommerce mobile app can bring you success.
Shoppers tend to spend more when shopping from a mobile app. The average order value on mobile apps is higher than desktop or mobile websites. If your mobile site gets an order of $92, your mobile app will receive an order of at least $102.
Don’t consider the increase of $10 to be small. If you have 1,000 customers in a month, a $10 increase in order value generates an additional $10,000 in revenues. In a year, you could earn $120,000 more just by giving your customers a mobile app to shop.
Create Loyalty
Smartphone users spend 7-times more time on native mobile apps than websites. According to App Annie, it could provide a fitting opportunity for brands to build loyalty.
Mobile apps help you personalize your service and boost sales. Additionally, you can make your customers spend more frequently just by shifting to a mobile app.
Food delivery business Just Eat experienced more frequent sales by introducing a mobile app. It makes sense, as a mobile app is more convenient to use and provides a better user experience.
A customer needs to go through many steps if they are using a website to buy. When it comes to apps, they can reach the ordering page with a single tap. Plus, apps generally perform better than websites as they use native smartphone features.
You can run loyalty campaigns and grow your list of faithful customers easily with a mobile app. Your revenues will also increase, as 43% of loyal customers always spend more. Additionally, you can boost your profits by 25% to 125% by improving your customer retention rate by only 5%.
Again, an eCommerce mobile app is best for this purpose.
Provide Excellent Customer Service
Customer service is not an afterthought anymore for the eCommerce industry. Providing the best support to your consumers is now a requisite to stay competitive. People are ready to buy and spend more on brands that excel at servicing customers.
65% of consumers factor in customer service while making their purchasing decisions. Moreover, 73% of customers spend more than they planned when they receive a good service.
eCommerce businesses cannot afford to miss out on customer service. A mobile app can help you deliver the best service experience compared to a website. You can:
• Let customers chat with support directly from the app
• Email or contact representatives at the touch of a button
• Serve resources like video tutorials
• Connect to a knowledgebase for troubleshooting
Additionally, an app lets your customers stay in the loop from the time they place the order. You can send shipping updates via push notifications and resolve all queries via chat or call.
The whole shopping process, along with good customer support, ultimately results in an improved bottom line.
Improved Buying Experience
Shopping on a mobile app provides a far better experience than using a website. You don’t need to open a browser, enter URLs, or navigate back and forward browsing products.
Apps come with a smooth user interface that reduces purchasing barriers. They generally load faster than websites and are easy to navigate. An app is also faster when it comes to exchanging data between the user and your server. Additionally, apps can even offer offline functionalities.
You can hire a good UI/UX designer to offer a seamless user experience through a mobile app.
Additionally, mobile apps let you utilize the hardware feature of smartphones. You can deploy features like voice search to improve the buyer journey. Customers can use their cameras to submit proof of broken items while claiming refunds. Or, you can show your customers the GPS location of order pickup outlets.
It is far simpler to deliver innovative buying experiences through an app compared to a website.
Grow Brand Awareness
eCommerce mobile apps are great for generating and growing brand awareness. You can conduct promotional campaigns using your app and approach the consumer directly. Your app will also help you deliver brand messages and stories right into the phone of your customers.
Additionally, a mobile app can help you take advantage of user-generated content. Customers can use their smartphone to take pictures of products and share on social media. You can even program your app to include social media signals for sharing updates without leaving your platform.
Statistics also show people spend more time interacting with mobile apps. So, your target audience is more likely to receive and read your messages when they come through an app.
Generate Customer Insights
Businesses today thrive on data, especially the eCommerce industry. You need to know what your customers like and how they think to deliver the best products and experiences.
All businesses collect customer data to refine their marketing and selling strategies. Plus, customer data helps develop better products that the market is ready to buy.
Mobile apps help you collect data more efficiently than a website. You can collect all essential information like demographics, location, and gender when your users sign up. Sometimes, you can even let your users autofill data to save time and effort.
Moreover, you can collect a range of data about your customer through your app. Online behavior, purchases, locations- the list is endless. You may even design your app to use the contacts list of your users with due permission.
The data you collect from your apps can help you develop meaningful customer insights. You can spot trends and take advantage of patterns to grow your profits. Additionally, you will get better at predicting changes in the market to stay relevant and competitive.
Develop a Mobile App for Your eCommerce Business
Supplementing your online store with a mobile app is the way to grow your business. Your consumers are most likely looking for a mobile app, even if you’re unaware. An eCommerce mobile app can help you boost your leads and conversions. You can provide a better user experience and make buying from you a pleasure.
A mobile app also lets your shoppers save time and purchase more conveniently. You can also build loyalty and promote your brand without running huge costs. Your mobile will be your ladder to success and a strong presence in the market.
Get in touch with us to develop a top-notch mobile app for your eCommerce business.