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Worst SEO Mistakes You Should Always Avoid

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SEO has become a proven method to improve visibility and gain exposure. You can also generate brand awareness and build more trust with your customers.
No wonder the SEO market size will reach $40.92 billion in 2021 from $37.84 billion in 2020. In another five years, the global value of the SEO industry can stand at $83.7 billion.
Therefore, it is clear businesses are spending more on SEO services. However, not all of them are getting the desired results. They are more likely making a few expensive mistakes that are botching up their SEO scores.
To save you from the same dilemma, here are 8 SEO mistakes to avoid forever!

  1. Expecting Results Too Soon
    SEO is a nuanced and ever-evolving sector. Additionally, there is no universal guidebook to ensure assured success. Moreover, search engine algorithms are always changing to make matters worse.
    As a result, success in SEO comes from a lot of trial and error. The best SEO agencies learn from their experience and use their expertise to help clients improve performance.
    Therefore, SEO takes time to deliver results. As per the Search Engine Journal, you will need at least 4 months to 1 year to see benefits from your SEO efforts.
    So, have realistic expectations to stay on track.
  2. Not Mixing Your Keywords
    SEO is a highly competitive field. Uncountable businesses are fighting to gain a position on the first page of Google search results. All of them are targeting a few keywords that result in higher difficulty to achieve ranking.
    A way to get past the competition and increase traffic is to mix up your keywords. The list can include several types of keywords, such as:
    • Short-tail keywords
    • Long-tail keywords
    • Geo-targeting keywords
    • LSI keywords
    Research the different types of keywords and find out their competition. Then mix up the keywords, focusing on low-competition ones.
  3. Not Developing Quality Content
    Small businesses that blog derive 126% more leads than those that don’t. In addition, 72% of marketers agree content marketing brings quantifiable and prospective results.
    Content is always king! Your well-researched and well-written blogs can not only grow your follower list but also boost lead generation.
    Therefore, invest in writing quality content on topics your customers love. It can also generate brand awareness and help you connect with your audience. Additionally, you can write on trending topics to increase short-term traffic and grow your leads.
    Hire a writer if you lack the in-house talent to produce quality content.
  4. Forgetting to Build Links
    Most of the SEO practices have transformed over the years. Today, no one stuffs their website with keywords, which was once a dirty secret to rank on Google.
    However, one thing has stayed important from the hay days of SEO, i.e., link building. You cannot expect to generate returns from your SEO investments if you don’t acquire external links. In addition, you need links from trusted and reputed sources to increase your chances of a positive outcome.
    Unfortunately, 41% of SEO experts feel link building is the most challenging part of their job. Still, you have to make an effort to build your links through ways like guest posting.
  5. Not Updating Your Campaigns
    As noted earlier, SEO is evolving with each passing day. Google also keeps on changing its algorithms multiple times every year. As a result, something that works today may not bring the same results even six months later.
    Therefore, you need to keep updating yourself with your targeted search engines. You cannot keep on running the same campaigns and complain about the lack of returns.
    So, refine your campaigns to take advantage of the latest trends and best practices. Only then can you generate consistent results with your SEO initiatives.
  6. Your Website has Performance Hiccups
    How your website performs has a direct impact on your SEO scores. Therefore, the cause of a dip in your traffic can be due to the additional seconds your website is taking to load.
    As a result, your website should offer users a great experience and perform like a champ. The process will also help you fall in favor of the search engines. They give your website more importance as people are spending more time browsing your pages.
    It shows your website is providing value and deserves a better ranking.
  7. The Absence of Clear Goals
    Many businesses don’t bother to set concrete SEO goals. As a result, you cannot plan your SEO efforts efficiently and are more likely to go astray.
    Therefore, start with clear and achievable goals that you can work to attain. For example, you can set a goal of increasing your traffic by 20% in the next four months.
    Sometimes, it may be challenging to come up with specific goals. In that case, start with an audit of your website and do competitor research. You will be able to identify areas of improvement where you need to focus.
    This will help you come up with a tailored SEO strategy that aligns with your needs. Additionally, you will find it easy to develop metrics to assess your performance.
  8. Your Website is Mobile-Unfriendly
    Over 50% of internet users rely on their phones to browse websites. Google has also adapted to the change and displays mobile results in SERPs.
    As a result, your website should work well on mobile devices along with desktop computers. The best way to do this is to adopt a responsive web design. Your site will appear beautiful on all screens, whether it’s a smartphone or tablet.
    Additionally, implement mobile-first indexing to become more smartphone-friendly.
    Final Thoughts
    SEO requires a bit of technical knowledge and a lot of expertise. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t have the in-house talent to make the most of search engine optimization. Therefore, you should partner with an adept SEO agency to create your SEO strategy and campaigns. Wizard Communications is a leading provider of SEO services with a focus on results. Get in touch with us for a site audit or to discuss your requirements today.